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It's funny how things happen sometimes. The circumstances of how people meet and how life leads us along a path. The story of Island Town begins in New England on a small island of the coast of Rhode Island. In 2014 singer/songwriter Izzy Malek was offered a weekly gig at the quaint island bar Mahogany Shoals. Malek, who was on somewhat of a hiatus at the time from writing, had found himself and some friends hunkered down below deck riding out a hurricane. That night, Summertime Here, the first song of the band to-be Island Town was born. The song quickly became sort of an island anthem; influencing Malek's writing style and inspiring many songs soon to follow.

Fast forward two years later, Malek was joined on the island by friend and local drummer Ric Haddad. The two had frequently performed in a cover band back on the mainland. Haddad had also landed a weekly gig on the island with a side project of his own. The drummer brought along two talented musicians from his hometown to accompany him. Both guitarist Dave Lefkin and bassist Ryan Welch would assume summer residency on the island. It didn't take long before the four members would begin performing shows together and creating the sound now known as Island Town.

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